Tournament Social Distancing Protocol

Published on 08-11-2020

The following social distancing protocols will be added to our tournament rules and operating procedure for all Big Bass Tour events, until further notice. Anglers participating in our events will be require to follow all protocols to ensure the safety of all tournament anglers and our tournament staff.

  1. We will only accept online entries into our events. If you need assistance by phone, it will be available. (There will be no onsite registration)
  2. As always, anglers will be allowed to launch from any ramp on the lake and trailering a bass to weigh in is allowed at all times.
  3. We will manage the hourly weigh in process and not allow more than six (6) anglers at the staging tanks at any one time. (Tanks will be spaced six (6) feet apart)
  4. Anglers who are unsure if they are going to weigh in will have to wait in their boats and must have verbally declared the intent to weigh in with a staff member before the end of the hour. (It will take a few minutes at the end of each hour to complete the previous hours weigh in, so you must declare in advance or your weight will be moved to the next hour)
  5. Anglers must use their own weigh bags. (There will be no "community" use of weigh bags)
  6. Anglers will not be allowed on stage with the Tournament Director at any time.
  7. After you weigh in a fish we ask that you immediately leave the weigh in area and return to your boat. If you need to check the leaderboard please do so with the Live Leaderboard link that we will text to you.
  8. We will not stop the weigh in process to take photos, other than the fish leading the hour and/or the tournament. (If you want a photo of your fish, please take it in your boat prior to coming to the weigh in)
  9. Each event will have a minimum weight guideline to weigh in a fish. (This will be determined lake by lake and based on past results) *For example if a two pound fish has never earned a check at an event we will ask anglers to please not bring fish two pounds and under to the scales. 
  10. We will mail winners checks to participants. (No onsite checks and awards presentation/pickup will be held)
  11. Promo rod pickup times will be the Thursday before the event from 4-6pm and each day after the final weigh in from 3-4pm. (No rod pickup during the event)
  12. We recommend the use of a face mask, buff or neck gaiter when you bring a fish to weigh in.

These protocols are in no way to be construed as a complete list of tournament rules. Anglers may visit our rules page by clicking the following link: