Frequently Asked Questions

*These FAQ's are in no way to be construed as a complete list of tournament rules.

Anglers may visit our rules page by clicking the following link:

What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is $250 for a three day entry or $165 for a two day entry or $115 for a one day entry (per angler) and you may fish with the co-angler of your choice.
Lake Conroe, Spring Smith Mountain, Chickamauga and Guntersville are four day events for 2024 and a four day entry is $325.
We will continue the Junior Division for 2024. Participants 12 and under will compete for a top 3 payback. The entry fee for the entire event is $75 (regardless of the number of days fished)  Anglers 13 and over will compete for full payouts and pay full entry fees.

Is the tournament entry fee per angler or per boat?

The entry fee is per angler.

Can a co-angler fish with me in my boat?

Yes, this is an individual event for scoring purposes but anglers can have a co-angler of their choice fish with them and you do NOT have to sign up at the same time to fish together.

How many anglers can I have in my boat?

You may have up to three (3) anglers per boat assuming the boat has the required rating capacity. Each angler must be a paid participant.

Can I have someone in my boat that isn’t competing in the tournament?

No, each person in the boat (during tournament hours) must be a paid participant. 

I registered online and didn’t receive a confirmation.

When you successfully complete an online entry, you will immediately see the confirmation page and we also send a confirmation email as a follow up. If you didn't receive, please check your email spam folder, as the confirmation email may have been routed there. You may also have incorrectly entered your email address when you registered.
If you don’t see either notification you may send us an email at to request an update.

Do I have to sign up at the same time as my fishing partner or partners?

No, you don't have to sign up together to fish together.  You may sign up separately and still fish in the same boat.

Can I change or transfer an entry?

We allow a change of entry as a one time courtesy.  You may email us at to make the request.

How do I know if I qualified for a free rod?

We have a rod counter on each individual event page that updates in realtime.  If you registered for a two-day or three-day entry prior to the counter reaching zero then you will receive a rod. For Conroe and Guntersville, it will be three-day and four-day entrants.

Is there a meeting to attend prior to the tournament?

No, there is no meeting to attend unless you still need to register onsite or pick up an early entry rod. Please check the event details for onsite registration times/locations. 

Is there a formal launch?

No, anglers may launch from the ramp of their choice the morning of the tournament but may not begin fishing (first cast) until notified by the tournament director.

How many fish can I have in my livewell?

You may have up to three (3) fish per angler in the livewell at any one time.

After I weigh my fish do I have to stay at the stage until the hour is complete?

No, after you weigh your fish you are free to resume fishing immediately.

Where can I pick up my rod?

If you qualified to receive an early entry rod you may pick them up from 4-6pm on the Thursday before the event and/or anytime during tournament hours.

Can my partner or other person I designate pick up my rod for me?

Yes, you can designate someone to pick up your rod if you can't attend the registration prior to the event.

Can I register late at the ramp the morning of the tournament?

No, we don't accept late entries the day of the tournament.  You must register online or at an onsite registration before the event.