Deep Dive | Updated Conditions Report for Table Rock

Published on 04-04-2024

Here’s a quick breakdown of the current conditions on Table Rock Lake this week, brought to you by the Deep Dive App.

Water Clarity

Two weeks prior to the tournament, anglers would have found mostly clear water conditions throughout the main body of Table Rock Lake. However, this clarity was not uniform, with stained water observed coming from the James River and Long Creek, and dirty water influx noted from the Kings River. This week, while the main lake continues to boast clear waters, there's been a notable increase in dirty water filtering in from the James River, King River, and Long Creek.

Tournament Patterns

Historical data highlights the lower end of the lake as a consistent producer of top finishes during the spawn period, with the mid-lake and upper lake areas also showing significant productivity, especially along the main lake. Deep Dive’s database features over 10,000 tournament patterns from Top 10 finishes in major fishing tournaments. 

Wind Effects

Wind conditions are set to play a pivotal role in this tournament, beginning with very calm conditions on Day 1, then escalating to moderate winds with gusts up to 20 mph by Day 2, affecting primarily the northwest banks and pockets. This pattern is expected to continue into Day 3, maintaining moderate winds accompanied by similar gusts.

To keep up with the changing conditions on Table Rock Lake as the tournament progresses, download the Deep Dive App using the link below: