Deep Dive | Updated Conditions Report for Lake Murray

Published on 04-24-2024

Here’s a quick breakdown of the current conditions on Lake Murray this week, brought to you by the Deep Dive App.

Water Clarity

Initially, the northwest side of the lake emanating from the Saluda River was observed to be very dirty, while the southwest creek was mostly stained. However, over the last two weeks, there has been a notable improvement, with the northwest water becoming mostly stained rather than outright dirty and the southwest water becoming much clearer. In contrast, the lower end of the main lake area, which might typically be clearer, has shown only a slight improvement in clarity.

Tournament Patterns

For spawn season patterns with water temps usually between 58-67˚F, historical data highlights the lower end main section of the lake as a consistent producer of top finishes, with the mid-lake main section and back half of creeks coming in at a close second.

For post-spawn season patterns with water temps usually between 68-75˚F, historical data clearly highlights the upper end main section and back half of creeks as the best areas to find bass.

Deep Dive’s database features over 10,000 tournament patterns from Top 10 finishes in major fishing tournaments.

Wind Effects

On Friday, the wind will predominantly come from the east, which could bring a moderate breeze. As the weekend progresses, the wind direction is forecast to shift slightly towards the southeast. This change could continue to bring moderate winds on Saturday, maintaining breezy conditions.
By Sunday, the wind is expected to taper slightly, providing a calmer conclusion to the tournament.

To keep up with the changing conditions on Lake Murray as the tournament progresses, download the Deep Dive App using the link below: