Deep Dive | Updated Conditions Report for Eufaula

Published on 03-21-2024

Here’s a quick breakdown of the current conditions on Lake Eufaula this week, brought to you by the Deep Dive App.

Water Clarity

The water clarity on Lake Eufaula has been almost completely dirty over the past 2 weeks, with some with some stained portions on the upper end and in the back of a few major creeks. As the tournament approaches, these stained portions have practically disappeared due to rains and left the entire lake dirty.

Tournament Patterns

Based on Deep Dive’s database of over 10,000 tournament patterns from Top 10 finishes in major fishing tournaments, the lower end of the lake has historically produced the most top 10 finishes in the pre-spawn period of the year. The mid-lake and upper end have also been productive in past tournaments, especially on the main lake. 

Wind Effects

Winds will blow moderately from the east on day 1, impacting the western banks and pockets across the lake. This may activate shad on main lake points and banks, creating a great feeding opportunity for pre-spawn bass. Winds shift on day 2 and blow from the north. Then on day 3, they will shift slightly bringing back some easterly winds. Despite these shifts, most western banks and pockets will still be impacted by wind similarly on all three days of competition. Check the wind effects map in the Deep Dive app for hour-by-hour forecasts of the wind affected banks across Lake Eufaula.

To keep up with the changing conditions on Lake Eufaula as the tournament progresses, download the Deep Dive App using the link below: