Deep Dive | Conditions Are Changing on Conroe

Published on 02-27-2024

 Here’s a quick breakdown of the current conditions on Lake Conroe this week, brought to you by the Deep Dive App. 

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The water on Lake Conroe has been clearing up over the past 2 weeks, especially in the backs of major creeks and up the river. This should create opportunities to target bass offshore with sight fish in shallow water for bass that are looking to spawn. There are still a few areas of stained water in the backs of creeks on the lower end that should benefit anglers looking to power-fish up shallow.

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Based on Deep Dive’s database of over 10,000 tournament patterns from Top 10 finishes in major fishing tournaments, the lower end of the lake has historically produced the most top 10 finishes in February and March. The upper end of Lake Conroe is a close second and could be a major player if a wave of bass moves up to spawn this week.

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Winds will be calm to moderate over the first three days of competition. On Day 1, the western side of Lake Conroe will be hit by a decent breeze, potentially activating baitfish on areas hit directly by the wind. The wind will lay down on Day 2, with no significant wind-blown areas across the lake. Day 3 will see the winds shift to the West, creating opportunities on the eastern side of Lake Conroe for active baitfish and bass. Finally, on Day 4, winds will pick up dramatically and blow hard from the South. This could make the pre-spawn bass aggressive in the clearer sections of Lake Conroe and may present the best fishing conditions anglers will see all week! 

To keep up with the changing conditions on Lake Conroe as the tournament progresses, download the Deep Dive App using the link below: