Big Bass Tour | Deep Dive | Updated Conditions Report for Chickamauga

Published on 05-15-2024

Here’s a quick breakdown of the current conditions on Chickamauga Lake this week, brought to you by the Deep Dive App.

Tournament Patterns

For post-spawn patterns with water temps usually between 68-75˚F, historical data shows that most of the tournament winning catches come from the mid-lake and lower-end main lake. Offshore patterns dominate our historical data in these areas with offshore flats and ledges producing the most quality fish.

Deep Dive’s database features over 10,000 tournament patterns from Top 10 finishes in major fishing tournaments.

Wind Effects

Expect low winds each day of the tournament with very calm conditions in the early morning increasing to low-moderate winds in the afternoon.  Winds will come out of the North Thursday, out of the South on Friday/Saturday and out of the East on Sunday.

To keep up with the changing conditions on Chickamauga Lake as the tournament progresses, download the Deep Dive App using the link below: