Clarks Hill Weather Update

Friday, October 18, 2019

Anglers, we are tracking the current storm in the gulf and will continue to do so throughout tonight and tomorrow. There are conflicting reports related to the timing of the storm, as well as the strength, once it arrives in Georgia. 

As of now the tournament will proceed as planned but there is a significant chance that Saturday will be impacted and potentially cut short by one or a number of hourly weigh ins. Our decision for cancellation will be sustained winds in excess of 25 mph or other significant weather events.  As always, in our format, anglers are allowed to trailer and at some point tomorrow it’s highly likely that trailering will become mandatory. Please take that into consideration as you plan your launch locations for Saturday so that you avoid long runs on the main lake.  It is your responsibility at all times to make your safety a priority, so plan accordingly on Saturday. The storm should clear late Saturday and currently there appears to be nothing that will impact Sunday’s event. 

Per our rules, if Saturday is cut short the hourly payouts will be adjusted as follows:

5.09     In the event of significant weather conditions during competition, the Tournament Director will advise via text message regarding any change, delay, suspension and/or cancellation of one or more hours or day(s). In such event, the day(s) payouts will be allocated against all completed hours of competition and paid places for the day(s).

We will provide constant text communication in real time on Saturday. Pay close attention to these notices and updates throughout the morning and afternoon.